Mother’s Day

How will I cope on that day when everyone is celebrating their Mum and I have lost my Mum. My Mum passed away on the 18th March last year so her anniversary is coming up the day before Mother’s Day great I don’t think so.
Also how will my lovely Dad be as he is in a rest home now.
I am dreading the day getting nearer and nearer.


Hi Katz,
im so sorry for your loss, My nan passed in sept 22 she raised me as a baby so she is like a mum to me when my mum was unwell,
Im going to write a journal about everything i would say to my nan ie i miss you and love you so much. and buy some beautiful flowers to put next to my nans ashes.
I know its hard and im absolutely dreading it but there are loads of people on here to talk too including me

sending you hugs and strength

Love chelle xx

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Gosh - I don’t even know what I’m going to do about mothers day.
I feel like I should honour my mum but at the same time I just want to stay in bed that day.
I will definitely stay off social media.
If anyone has any ideas to share that would be great. x

Hi Rebecca l,
I shall be joining you in staying off social media on Mother’s Day .I don’t think I could bear to read the comments.I have no idea how I will survive the day.My son asked me if I wanted to go out for lunch or afternoon tea that day as it’s also my birthday but I said no .I just can’t face it this year as my mum only passed on Dec 30th and it all feels so raw. I may go and visit St David’s Cathedral which is a few miles from where I live and like a candle for mum.It was my go to place when I had cancer 4 yrs ago and I used to sit and reflect in one of the small chapels at the back of the Cathedral.The walk back up climbing the steps to the tiny city is breathtaking. The drive home passes pretty villages and beaches so I think that will be enough for me this year. If I am honest I just want the day to pass even though it’s my birthday. The whole day seems pointless without my mum.
Thinking of you