Mothers Day

Hi everyone

Just wondered if anyone else was struggling with mother’s day?

This time last year I knew I was buying my mum her last mother’s day card and this year I miss her so so much.

It’s hard seeing it all over the shops and friends planning what they are going to do with their mums.

Just looking for anyone who understands so that we can help get each other past this hard day if you have lost your mum and through to Monday.

Ann xx


I understand exactly how you feel. I lost my mum Jan 2017 and my dad Feb 2017, so this time of the year is just awful.
In particular the TV advert for mother’s Day, where the emphasis is ’ not knowing what a child would do without their mum - we all feel that way, however we are currently experiencing it. I know my sister’s feel the same, it’s almost like your envious of others plans with their mum’s. I have to tell myself that my mum would not want me to feel that way, although it still doesn’t make things easier. I guess this is part of the anger feelings of grief and is considered normal.
Take care x

Hi Ann
Oh yes I certainly feel exactly like you and it’s also my mum birthday today as well as Mothers Day. I cared for my mum 10 years with Picks dementia she was my best friend and I actually never want to “get over” losing her as it means I’m ok with it and I never will be ok with it. I just try to cope with it hour by hour. Keeping busy is a must for me. I was recently very unwell with real flu and felt like a little girl again as I just wanted my mums comfort mums hugs mums love. It’s so hard and everywhere you go there’s Mothers Day gifts and cards (I still buy mum a card for the grave) and women shopping with their mums (our absolute fav pastime)
Hope by knowing you’re not alone helps. Sending hugs x

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Hi Caz77

Sending love today. I lost my mum and dad a year apart which adds even more anniversaries and special days to get through too as you will know.

Hi Pen

Gosh, a double whammy for you today with your mum’s birthday to think about too. Sending love and it does help to know people understand. Xx

I’ve decided to sow sunflowers today so they will cheer me up in summer. I hope you both find something nice to do to honour your mum’s too.

In the words of Gone With The Wind “tomorrow is another day” and at least we lost an hour of today with the hour change!

Sending hugs.
Ann xx