Moving house. No spark.

In two weeks time I need to be out of current house and into new one. I look around at the multitude of boxes and wonder where they’re all going to fit in the small abode-to-be. But main problem as I see it is I have no motivation, no spark, no enthusiasm to box up the rest of the stuff that needs sorting and packing up.
I have in the words of Austin Powers, lost my mojo for action.
I hope this is a blip and some glimpse of energy and determination will return very soon…this week in fact.
Not sure why I’m posting this…I guess I just want to know that my feelings of lethargy are not uncommon…a problem shared etc…
This is the second move in 8 months. Think I’m just emotionally zapped…need a push to get over this hurdle.
Onward and upward.
Have a good day people. Xx

Dear Annette, I cannot envisage making a house move so I for one am in total awe of you. I am thinking of the saying needs must…you have a deadline so you’ll need a plan. I wish you well in the next week or so. Have a cuppa, put your favourite music on, take stock and…good luck, kind wishes, x

Hi Rainbow. Thanks so much for your reply. Just needed a few words of encouragement… thanks. I am one who likes a plan…To Do lists for every scenario. Just need to focus and wrench myself into first gear in order to apply action to the plans. Am eyeing up a bookcase to box up…start with the easiest then move on to next item.
The best laid plans of mice and men…
Annette x

I thought about it as this house is too big but then decided to put it off another year… that’s the thinking not the moving.
Good luck with rediscovering your mojo.

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I wouldn’t recommend moving unless you have to …so stressful.
The saying goes…if it don’t kill you it makes you stronger…all the muscles on this forum!!!

I thought about moving as well after Margaret died but this was our only home.
We both moved from our patents home to married life here and we often talked about moving but never did. We’ve been here 31 years and I don’t think I could give it up there are too many memories which at the moment make me extremely sad but hopefully through time I will start to appreciate.
As for motivation we were in Spain in May our suitcase is still in my bedroom untouched as are all her clothes. I don’t need to to do anything with them at the moment so they will stay there. You will find the strength from somewhere please take care.

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Get started Annette you will feel better for it in the end. I get a buzz from achieving. I looked at all I had to sort out when Brian died and panicked which is unlike me, but it actually helped me to get started and once I did there was no stopping me. I became obsessional. But don’t start with the easy jobs, you will have it in your mind that the hardest part is yet to come. Start with the hardest part and the rest just get’s easier. Tell yourself you can do this, you are not going to be beaten, you are not going to be a victim. You can then move to your new home and hopefully start to feel better and pleased with yourself. Very good luck to you.

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Hi Pattidot. Thanks for your reply. I did actually empty a bookshelf into boxes today…yay. Will Keep going. This is actually the end of a long period of clearing a house full of memories which was in storage…our house had sold the day before my husband died and I was 12,000 miles away. So really what I’ve got to tackle now is easy compared to what’s already been. I think it’s just a culmination of anxiety and stress and grief and lack of confidence etc etc. Wish I felt some excitement amongst the angst but keeping eyes on the road ahead rather than in my stumbling feet. Xxx

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