Moving on with life

Hi like many I lost my partner of 24 years in June I am beginning to feel better now and the bad days ate getting less I was just wondering if anyone had found a new companion that is improving there life .was it difficult to move on with a new partner please let me know how you did it either as conversation or private conversation anne

Dear Anne

Thank you for your message and welcome on behalf of Sue Ryder. Your question is such a personal one and no one can really answer it. Do you mean find someone on the internet through dating sites, or how to get to know a new prospective partner? Be very Careful.

From personal experience I would say it’s very easy to make a wrong decision so early in your loss. When we’ve been with someone for as long as you have and suddenly he’s not there anymore, its earth shattering. There is grief and there is being alone.

Just take it easy, give yourself a time limit to decide what you want.
I don’t know the circumstances of your relationship or whether you had to care for your partner for any length of time before he passed away, so once again - your future is up to you, but give yourself time to grieve and adjust.

best wishes


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Hi thanks for the reply no I have no intension of going to a dating site it’s too early to think about dating or a relationship it was just if someone came along it might be nice as a companion it is something I feel might be nice but I don’t feel ready for anything more than that anne

Thank you for responding Anne, I quite understand.

Hi Anne, Firstly sorry for the loss of your lovely husband I know how awful it feels. It’s been 28 months since my Husband passed and at first the pain was raw and unbearable but as time went on the good days began to outweigh the bad and I began to accept what I could not change. I have always been outgoing and bubbly with a good social circle and a great many friends so I did not sit indoors wallowing I pushed myself to get out there. One night while out for a meal I met a guy who knew one of our party and we hit it off, he gave me his number :scream: and after all my talk of never having another man and my sex life shutting up shop :rofl: I thought I either do this or face the next 20 years on my own so I text him :astonished: he rang me instantly and we chatted for hours, we met up the next day then spent the weekend together :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and every weekend since. It’s been 7 months now and we have been away together and are planning to go away again later in the year. I know I will never have the love story I had with my Husband again but that is fine for me, I have met someone decent who makes me laugh, who wines and dines me and makes me feel wanted and desired again :heart_eyes: so never say never, you don’t know what is round the corner. I won’t be moving him in any time soon as I like my independence too much and can’t stand the toilet seat being left up :rofl: but it’s nice having someone to do things with. I also don’t think a dating site is a bad thing once you are ready, meeting men and going for dinner or a coffee sure beats sitting at home on your own watching Coronation Street :rofl: it would be something to look forward to and make the effort to dress up for. I know everyone is different and a lot of people just accept this is it now :disappointed: but it doesn’t need to be if you have the confidence to go for it.


Hi so glad you are finding some happiness with your new man we do have to enjoy the rest of our lives and I wish all the luck .like you I cannot imagine love or see with anyone else but trying to be open to what life sends way all the best anne

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Well done @MrsColt. I am so glad you have found someone. I wish you all the best for the future. You are such a positive person, I so admire your confidence.

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Thank you Maigret, I try to be positive :+1:t3: I know we have lost the future we thought we were going to have but nothing says we can’t make ourselves another one :slight_smile: x