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I recently moved into my rented apartment as I was sofa surfing between 2 daughters, different areas on where we brought our last forever home, so we thought, that’s sold now as memories were to painful for me, plus 3 strokes so sold up and recovered with eldest daughter, for 1 year then 2nd daughter for year half, she lives where we lived for 35 years, but been looking at retirement places, but seeing few negative reviews and pitfalls, any views on this would be welcome.

Hi Mickeyboy
You are right to think carefully about these retirement places. They’re not all like the adverts.
1 friend’s is totally soulless - many empty flats, lovely gardens nobody uses, hardly sees anyone but still difficult to get a parking space if you visit. You often have to buy a parking space.
A relative had difficulty selling his mother’s when she died, very onerous lease and high service charge for little service.
Another friend hated her 1st one, nobody talked to each,other so moved and loved the 2nd which is ground floor with a little outside sit in.
I think like all things “buyer beware” try to visit several times. Are you looking for activities / social outings? A place to eat ? Pets?Doctors/dentists/shops/transport nearby?
Will you be able to see out of the windows? Sounds silly but from a friend’s older flat she could only see out of sitting room window when standing up !
In time if you need to sell do you have to pay a percentage to the company?
Can be very good but ask questions and get a friend or family to go with you. Don’t be rushed into a decision they are very persuasive !
Good luck. Sadme

Hi. Sadme. Now that is practical and very good advice. I still can’t get my head round those who exploit vulnerable people. It’s all about £££££ isn’t it? How sad. OK, so they are in business and have to make a living, but exploitation is another matter. The Law allows them to do it.
Let’s face it. We are very vulnerable especially in the early stages of grief, and if we have no one to guide us we can so easily fall into a financial hole.
Solicitors are expensive. But good sound legal advice is always best when dealing with property. Thanks for that. Very helpful.

hi Mickyboy
sounds like you have to very caring daughters and partners to.
not sure if they are every where,but a friend of mines mum,moverd into a place were you have your own rooms to yourself and a communal area were if you want mix with the other residents you can.
think id ask around and make sure its the best for you,and not just jump in.
good luck
regards ian

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