Moving on

I can never see the time for me to move on, looking after my Husband for so long with heart failure he had quite a good quality of life, we were never apart for over 50 years he was 72 and I’m 70 so it seems pointless now my life is so empty ,

Lambie, my Husband had Heart Failure as well. No wonder you feel so bereft and despairing after 50 years companionship and love.

I hope you don’t mind but I have dropped you a quick Email in your private message box.

Kind regards.

Hi Lambie - I’m so sorry for your loss. I feel the same, my husband was badly injured in a car accident & died 3 weeks later in icu in Miami 8 weeks ago. He was 76 & I made up 60 2 weeks later. We were together 39 years I feel like I can’t face the years ahead I am so distraught without him, every day is another to endure, but we must because they would want us to. I pray we will all get some peace & strength soon