How do you move on from losing your husband to then losing a parent 14 months later. Am trying but not getting anywhere. Worse since lockdown.


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Oh Jill I am so sorry for both losses. It is heartbreaking losing your husband but then a parent so close after it. I lost my husband and a friend 10mths later and am now nursing my 88yr old Mum through chemo. It is so hard and no one can tell you how to grieve.
I try and keep busy but have to say I am on antidepressants and get counselling. If finding it really tough maybe contact Sue Ryder, Cruse or McMillan and see if you can get some counselling.
Do you have family or close friends you can lean on. Sometimes we try to show others we are coping and paint on a smile and they think you are but maybe we need to tell them we’re in pain and need help.
Sending hugs and I hope you can lean on us in this site to get some support.
S x

Jill, I lost my Mum then my husband suddenly three weeks later so I know how you are feeling. When I lost Colin I wanted and needed my Mum but I couldn’t have her. Dad is in a care home with dementia so I don’t have him either but what I do have is a very supportive network of family and friends who have helped me on this horrible journey these last 14 months. I am sorry you feel you are not getting anywhere but I am sure you are doing better than you think. I know I am having more good days than bad now although I still have very dark days I know they are temporary and in a few days I will feel ok again. The lockdown is having an effect as we can’t see our friends or go shopping or for lunch anymore but unfortunately this is it for the time being. I really hope you have support and people to talk to, this forum is good in connecting you with others in the same position as yourself so stick with us as it does help x