Multiple bereavements

I have lost so many people. The most recent was my brother and he was the last of my siblings. I feel so alone and miss having people to talk to.

@emmjay1 I feel for you.
I lost my dad in December, and the my partner 7 weeks later. My mum died 11 years ago, and I have no siblings. Just me and my 2 children left (in their 20’s)
I do you have friends around you? I have found I’ve had to lean on then lots in the last few weeks. X

Unfortunately all my friends are out of the area. I can message with them but it’s not the same.
I feel for you too. Sometimes it all just gets too much, doesn’t it? x

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Yes some days are much worse than others. I’m sorry you don’t have anyone local to support you. Keep messaging on here. I find it really helpful. Take care x

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