Multiple bereavements

I Lost My auntie, my father, my wee granddaughter, my mother and five pets all in the last 4 years. Somedays I am fine and others all I want to do is just sit and cry. I still find it all very hard to talk about. It is the underlying feelings of sadness that seem to persist. Everyone just died one after the other. I didn’t seem to take a breath and they were gone. It is like my whole family has just vanished into the mist. I know I have got on with life but how does one cope with feeling sad underneath everything. It doesn’t seem to go away

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I’m really sorry to read of all that’s happened to you Tinky. The feeling of sadness touches everything doesn’t it. Nothing feels the same. Somehow you’ve miraculously “soldiered on” and survived the heartache for all this time but it will have taken its toll and you deserve some help if the feelings get harder to manage. I hope you have some support and there are always people on the forum to offer a listening ear, or as a few members say, just reading others stories can some times be helpful. Sending compassionate thoughts.

I truly understand. My sister passed away last March,followed by my brother in June, my sister in law October and worst of all my lovely husband in December, all 2018. It’s just so hard xx take care

Tinky, i am so sorry for your loss. I do feel your pain. I too have lost 8 much loved ones in 6 months…
I dont think the pains stops at all. I believe we learn live with it, It hurts to think about who we lost sometimes… I cry typing this. Its the missing the longing and the wishing. When i need to talk to my angels i do so, sometimes out loud and sometimes in my head. I thank them all for being part of my life, and tell them how blessed i am to have had them make our memories. This keeps me going, every day i wake up sad, thinking is this what life is about. Always remember they are with you, they will never leave you and always be a part of you. I hope god is kind to you and makes day to day easy over time. I send you love and healing.
Stay strong
God Bless You