Multiple deaths

Hi,this is my first time messaging. Finding it hard today, not just because it’s Valentine’s Day. I have lost 3 generations in 5 months and am just beginning to feel I don’t make sense of life. My granddaughter was born still born in August, while her twin lives on. My mum lost a 2 1/2 year battle with cancer in October and my husband was our rock all through her treatment and at the end. He cared and looked after my dad daily since, while I worked. Then he got covid. He fought his way through, was coming out the other side and suddenly died within hours of a blood clot 3 weeks ago.He was 57 we’ve been together 40 years and at this moment it hurts like nothing I’ve felt before. I can’t work out who I’m grieving for. I hadn’t had time to grieve for mum before I’m arranging a 3rd funeral. I have his funeral arranged for Wednesday and if I could would cancel it.Anybody got any advice how to get through it? I have my three grown up sons to support me and one minute I want them the next I feel like telling them all to leave me alone.

Hello Wendy
I lost my partner 12 days ago to COVID he also was making progress but septicaemia took him within hours. I have found comfort on this site as everyone is unfortunately in the same unbearable club. I take one day at a time if I can’t manage that I do an hour. I have my daughters looking after me and I feel the same as you. To loose three loved ones is unbelievable cruel just get through each day however you can

Massive hugs

hi,'m sorry for your loss also.
I ended up in 2 weeks isolation just as I finished a previous 2 week, which i don’t think helped. It felt as if people were avoiding me.My sons have been great, but its the evenings when i sit alone, tired and overthinking.