Mum & Dad

My dad passed away on 18th Sept 2022 & my mum passed away 15 days later. They were both 93 & had good lives & created a very loving family. They were my rocks throughout my life & I just don’t know how to be ,without them. My husband keeps saying they had long lives & we wouldn’t have wanted them to suffer ,I know all that but at times I feel completely overwhelmed by grief. How do I come to terms with it?

Oh sweetheart can I send you a massive hug.
I lost my Dad 16 days ago aged 76, my mum is quite frail and I think will really struggle without him.
I’ve been feel really overwhelmed just losing the 1 parent so I can only imagine what you are feeling is double, people keep telling me it gets easier with time and I’m hoping it does. I’m sorry I can’t help with you coming to terms with it but I can be a listening ear and a virtual shoulder to cry on. We will get through this.
Do you have people to talk to? I know you mention your husband, other family and friends maybe?

Sending love and hugs x

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Thank you for your message & I’m so sorry for your loss too. Its hard when people say it gets easier don’t you think? To my mind we’re just getting our heads round it. We’re having a joint funeral on Wednesday so maybe I can start to come to terms with it. Hope you’re OK & thank you again for your message x

The its gets easier message I think just comes as standard as people don’t know what to say. We have another 3 weeks til the funeral and it kind of feels like we are in limbo until then, I hope that will help me come to terms with it.
We are all stronger than we think we are xx

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it never matters how long … never.

my mom said when my father died, “it is never enough time.”

she was right, as she always was.

yes, it is great to have a had a long life. but in no way, does it ease your pain at your loss.



Iv lost both my parents aswel, my mum passed last year on valentines and since then my dad health went down hill, he passed sept 4th after 7 weeks in hospital, its so hard and it never gets any easier, i miss them both so much, big hugs im so sorry for ypur loss xx


I’m sorry for your loss, I’m actually missing caring for them. I would pop in every day & do their washing,hoover etc. I think it’s just getting used to a new life without them but it’s not easy. Mum was my best friend too, just feel empty without them.

I used to do all that for my dad aswel, his cooking, cleaning, go shopping with him, i miss it all, i miss the routine we had

me same. only child. it was a lot of work caring for my mom and dad but I loved it.

I miss it so.

can only say count yourself fortunate to have had moms and dads you loved enough to care for. :heartpulse: