Mum died

My mum died this morning after fighting a lengthy battle with alcoholism. I’ve never felt so numb to others and to my own emotions. Does it get better? I’m terrified I’ll never be able to move on

Hello William. So sad loosing your Mum, you really do have to take one day at a time, you’ll have bad days and sometimes a bit better.
I was drawn to your post as you said about alcoholism. I lost my husband 2 years ago due to his alcoholism, it’s so awful to watch your loved one take that path in life. I was so bitter and so very angry that drink was more important to him than I was or his son and Grandson. Its the most difficult thing to cope with, watch and try to understand.
My husband was told he only had months to live in the end but he never told me his prognosis.
I see you say you have a lovely girlfriend, communicate your feelings and sadness with her. It’s easy to say but don’t get bitter and angry, your Mum obviously had her demons as did my husband and we’ll probably never fully understand why they chose that path.
Take care, I’ve probably not worded this that well. Please message me if you need support, I’d be happy to listen.

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Hi William, I’m very sorry indeed to read this, and sincere condolences. In terms of grief, yes it will get better. Try and remember the better times. Your post struck a chord as I was a drinker - I’d call it an alcoholic - for about 15 years. The alcohol takes over a drinker’s life, and whilst we still love those nearest to us, the need to drink is never far away. Some people get addicted to alcohol, and only the drinker can help themselves. A lot of relatives of drinkers feel guilt at not being able to help, but that should never be the case. All the best for now and sorry again for your loss.

Sorry for your loss my partner passed away June last year at the age of 42 to alcohol liver disease we have a now 12 yr old daughter i didnt know how mucn he was consuming til it was too latw he admitted wanted the help but it was too late damage was done

It will be a year next month and im not going to lie ita been the worst year of my life my heads still mashed up im.still angry with him but i still love him

I have counselling and i am on medication

Nacoa might be able to help you its for children that have been affected by a parents alcoholism

Take care x

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