Mum feels abandoned.

My Father passed away last year in may and everyone was sympathetic and rallying round to be there for my mum, but now nearly a year on and past his 80th birthday, no one has been near, my mum is of ill health and feels a burden. I live with her and have lost my husband in 2018. Still cry and feel lost. We both do. How can I explain to my mum that even though these people have stopped coming and phoning, she is still loved.

This is a very difficult one, Boyzette,
People do fall back into their lives, it will be very hard to convince your mum that she is still loved and needed. I honestly do not know what to suggest, I had this experience with my mum, after my dad died,
Take care,
MaryL x

Hello, oh this is so hard to explain to anyone but even more so for someone in your mums position. It is just what happens, it happened to me and I know others. People seem to think that we get over ‘it’ after a few months but we know that’s not the case. Just keep telling your mum how much you care and love her, you can say that others don’t matter because they are not there now and it’s just what happens, it’s not your mums fault. We don’t stop loving the ones who’s gone and I suspect she says that she wants to join your dad which will hurt you. It’s a hard road we travel and both of you are travelling down the same road, not easy. You must look after yourself because she needs you. Take care.