Mum in law 1 year anniversary

Cant beleive it will be 1 year Tom my mum in law died.
Something I will never forget
My daughter & I got few purple star balloons purple was her favourite colour
Will light a candle say a wee prayer and release the balloons.
So hard cant really talk to my husband anymore
Things not great at home
My life has changed so much over past year
Mum in law died
Then my dad died
Then lost my job
Virus had high impact on everything
Then my Aunty died then my other Aunty just started to get to know her she was my dads side died


Sending you lots of strength @S47. It sounds incredibly challenging loosing so many family members that were close to you. It’s understandable to hear how hard it’s been particularly with the pandemic going on. Lighting a candle and releasing some balloons sounds like a beautiful way to remember your mother in law.

Keep posting here whenever you need to, we’re here for you :yellow_heart:

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Yes it is difficult
And it’s my dads 1stanniversary Valentine’s Day

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