Mum issues

I lost my mum in January we had a very complex relationship, anyone here who has lost a parent but is still mad/upset about how they left them. My mum affected my life a lot and she contributed to my bpd but most people seem to just feel lost about their parents which I know is normal but I was left feeling frustrated and with unresolved feelings, If anyone feels the same feel free to comment.

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I lost my dad 22nd june this year. Its a completely different loss losing a parent as you expect them to live on forever.

I get upset every day and still in the shock phase i think, ive not accepted it yet i dont think or still dont believe it as it was unexpected, my dad wasnt ill, just one night tried to get up from the sofa and couldnt move…it was his spine in his back got shooting pains in his back.

Here to talk, will always think of my dad, do every second of every day, its very difficult as i feel like part of me is missing which is true.