Mum wish you would just come back

It’s the 3rd Christmas without my bestie, my mummy. Ah what can you do? There is nothing to be done it’s irreversible x
It’s not just Christmas, it’s everyday without her.
My blessings to all the peeps suffering without the dearest ones they love xxxxx​:pray:t4::innocent::pensive:


Dear Sheryl73

Welcome to the Community. Lovely to have you here. Christmas is so very hard as it is very much about families. I do hope you managed to get through Christmas Day. Your mum is with you every day in your heart where ever you go.

Take care.


Thanks very much.

Hello Sheryl . Yesterday was my first Christmas without my mum . Put on a brave face and glad its now over . I miss my mum every single day . Take care.
Love Angie xx


Yes it’s terrible.
She was the last of my family. We would share times and help each other out, I could rely on her, and she on me. Now I’m totally alone.
Christmas just made it worse. Thanks for your kind reply xxx