Lost my mum very suddenly 2.5 years ago age 70. She was fine one day, collapsed the next morning and died the morning after.

The sad part is that after a meeting with the hospital, they said that certain things should have been done sooner,with regards to her treatment and they hope that they can learn from this for the future.

They were treating her for one thing, despite being told the initial diagnosis by the ambulance service and sadly, the autopsy revealed that was the cause of death and there was nothing at all about the illness the hospital claimed she had.

Thats a very bitter pill to swallow and makes the grieving proccess harder to deal with.

I know how that feels too. So many unanswered questions to my mums death. Ones that will never be answered. Makes moving on even harder. Just stuck with what ifs.

The dr kept turning mum away. Telling her she had a pulled muscle. Then she got this awful cough. Surely alarm bells should have rung?? They were ringing for all her family. She collapsed and died a week later with metastasised cancer. That back ache was cancer in her spine. That cough was lung cancer. I’m so angry with her dr.

Hi lost_uk,

I’m so sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your mum and 70 is too young to leave us.
I am still filled with shock over losing my mum suddenly aged 74 on the 14th june this year.
A week earlier, some tests had revealed a 95 percent blockage in mums right carotid artery which put her at a massive stroke risk. She was advised to come in to hospital on the 13th june to have the blockage removed under local anaesthetic.
I was with her right up till she walked into the operating theatre.she was so happy and positive and pleased that her issue has been identified and that there was a small op that could be done!
I was told I could come back and visit at 6pm and take her home the following afternoon for a nice cup of tea.
A few hours later I received a call from the surgeon to tell me that mum had suffered a major brain haemorrhage just 15 minutes into the recovery room. Mum was placed on life support but declared brain dead the following day.
Excuse me, but what the hell just happened?
That was 21 weeks ago today and I am just existing not living. I look after my daughter and get the housework done. I also have gone back to work where I give about 30 percent of the old me.
The post mortem confirmed mums cause of death but didnt know why it had happened so I have no answers and just have to live with it.
So, I understand how you feel and I’m also not surprised that you still feel like this 2 and a half years down the line. That’s exactly how I expect to be feeling.
I’m having chats with a lovely group of people who have also lost their mums suddenly and I expect they will add their stories soon. You are certainly not alone if you want to join in with us.
Cheryl x