I lost my mum suddenly 14 months ago and am still in shock

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Hello Karen, it’s always very difficult when we loss our mums and other people often don’t get that. I am pleased you come onto this site, there are many on here who will sympathise with how you feel and reading their posts will help you along this horrible road of grief. Often we think that we will be our normal self in a couple of weeks and for some that works but for others is just doesn’t happen. If you still feel that you are finding it hard look at counselling, Sue Ryder offer it and so does Cruse, free of charge and it can make all the difference. Take care S xx


Thank you :blush:

Hi Karen sorry to hear the loss of your dear mum, I too lost my mum July this year and I too am struggling with her not being here I went through all the emotions of guilt, anger lost feeling can’t accept she’s gone, I’m waiting for my counselling sessions to start should be another 3 weeks yet but I miss her so much I think of her all day every day feeling so upset that she’s not here with my dad, its such a rollercoaster ride and although people have said it gets easier as time goes by I fear it wont, its nice to message on this forum to know others know how you are feeling, I just take a day at a time do consider the counselling it may help , I’m hoping it will.
Lynn x


Hi Karen.

So sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful mum.
I am 28 and my mum was 56, she sadly and suddenly died 12 days ago.

I couldn’t tell you about the last 12 days, they are a blur, all into one. But we get through each hour by hour.

You are not alone.



I lost my Mum on Sunday, I’m on a rollercoaster of emotions but have little periods where I feel normal for a short while in between.

Those little breathers are like islands, the rest of the time it’s like being in a storm. My eyes are always streaming with tears.

I know it will get better but sometimes I feel like I literally can’t take any more pain.

Hugs to everyone who is grieving here x

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Thank you for the reply Lynn
It’s hard isn’t it?
My heart goes out to you x

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Hi Georgia,

Thank you lovely.

My heart goes out to you.
Take care x

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I’m sorry for your loss.
Take care x

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Karen I’m so sorry . I too lost my mum in January and actually I feel worse as time goes on .


Thank you.
I’m sorry for your loss xx

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