I can’t believe it, there is Christmas stuff in shops already I can’t even think about it. My first Christmas without Mum even buying my dad a card just saying dad upset me. I just want to ran away and hide.
What is life all about?
I did a boot fair with a lot of there stuff as Dad’s in a rest home I had to keep saying to myself it’s just stuff don’t feel guilty it did upset me all day.
I kept what I could but I only have a small home.
Will I feel better one day ???

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Katz, it’s hard and you have been so brave doing a car boot, that takes a lot of courage, well done you, be proud of yourself. We took a lot of stuff to a charity shop when my husband’s parents went and I cried all the way home but it was their ‘stuff’ not ours and like you we didn’t have the space or need.
I have just called at a supermarket and yes Christmas was already out, help! and it’s only just September. Christmas is just one day, a birthday not months of buying more ‘stuff’. That’s my rant over for the day.
Yes, it does get easier, never goes away but we wouldn’t want it to because it’s the love we had and will always have.
Take care of yourself and be proud of yourself. S xxx