First time posting. We lost our dear mum just 8 weeks ago following a 4 month illness which was a shock to everyone, during which time she spent the majority of time in the hospital. I spent alot of time with her talking, crying, sorting out affairs etc, i have no regrets we were so close, i thought i was prepared for her death, she passed away peacefully at home, but that moment literally took my breath away. I was very busy and took a very practical approach to her death, but after about 6 weeks its hit me like a train we were very close i miss her dreadfully, the void in my life at the minute is shocking, i can burst into tears at any given minute, poor eating and worse sleeping, hoping the fog soon lifts xx


Hi @Noodles12 ,
Cool choice of name.
Loosing a parent, especially if you’re close, is a big shock, our parents are there for so much in our lives, so I guess we feel it more when they pass. For me, my mom was my safety net, I’m going through a lot with my house life & my health, if she were here she would of supported me through it, I miss her so much :sob:.
I think for a lot of people, myself included, with such a big bereavement, in the beginning there are moments we spend on autopilot, I guess the shock of both the death itself & what it means to us, the changes & empty spaces in our lives, take time to sink in, it also helps to have things to keep busy. Take it one day at a time, & do what works for you, but it’s a rollercoaster of emotions sometimes. Sending hugs of support.

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