I’m 61 and feel like I want my mummy to make things better but she’s not here :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Cheryl, firstly sending love and hugs. I’m 51 and my mum passed in November 2023. I miss my mum massively. Nothing in the world feels right anymore. There are beautiful people on here who can genuinely empathise with how you are feeling.
Kindest regards Steven xx


I’m so sorry for your loss… Many hugs. :heart:

I think we will always want that, no matter how old we are. I need my mummy now, having lost my dad, but none of them are here. :cry:

Thank you Steven, I’ve just realised it’s a mo month since mam passed but for some reason it doesn’t mean anything, she’s still gone. It does remind me though that it is still early days and I think I’m still trying to get through this "torture " too hurriedly. I must give it the time it takes. Take care Steven x

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Thanks for the hugs ulma and sending hugs back, I suppose in the end it just shows how much we love and care for our families :broken_heart: