Mums birthday

Today is my mums 74th birthday our first one without her , 8 months on Thursday since she was tragically taken away from us :sweat:. I thought I was doing so well getting through Christmas and my birthday but today is her day her one special day and she isn’t here.
We have the day planned with my sister and dad but I feel absolutely broken, sad and empty just like I did the day she left.
Grief is so complex and mind blowing at times people say the 1st of everything is hard and to be honest I’m fed up of hearing it because they don’t know my feeling is that harsh? I don’t mean to be but I just feel that everything is so unfair at the minute.
Sorry for the long rant I’m just deeply sad and miss my best friend so so much.
I never even got to say goodbye which I think is hitting me more now 8 months in.:broken_heart:.
Take care everyone
Love you mum always and forever :heart:


It’s also my mummy’s birthday today she would of been 81:
She passed away in November.
I thought I was ok but today has hit me.
I think I’ve cried more today than any day so far.
The family are getting together tonight.
I’ve not made any plans for today…
Love you always mummy xxx


Sorry you find yourself in the same situation as many others and with me today on their birthday’s so so hard isn’t it.
Take care x