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very nice picture Lesley,

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Thank you Ian . When I press L it just asks me to download image or share image. Sorry to be so dense lol. Xx

i only used my phone to access this site today to see whether i could do a picture and change my avatar.i had to describe things i did on my mobile,by using my lap top.
hopefully Vanda can explain i tried my best to explain.
glad you at least managed to get a picture of your man on a thread.

Thank you pet. Your a diamond xx

I will try on my lap top x

its way easier,good luck.

Beautiful photo sorry for you loss heartbreaking my husband passed in March sending hugs x

Sending same back to you pet . I’m so sorry . Xx

Smashing photo Lesley you guys looked so happy :heart_eyes: lovely couple x


Thank you Mrs Colt . We are soulmates and loved eachother from day one . Gary is my whole world and always will be . Xxxxx


A lovely memory of you both…its all we now hold and remember… i sadly lost my husband of 26years in February… its his 5th month of passing today xx God bless sending a hug xx

I’m so sorry for your loss it’s utterly devastating in my thoughts take care of yourself as much as possible Adele x :broken_heart:

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