My Beautiful Mum

Hi there, ive just lost my beautiful mum she died on her birthday im heartbroken.
Her funeral was Tuesday.
I took mum home & cared for her after a Major Stroke , i tube fed her & gave her meds through a tube she also had carers in 4 times a day to wash her change her pad & bed because she was bed bound.
Mum was End Of Life for a whole YEAR she amazed us all , doctor said , it was all the love & care i gave her , she fought to the very end & gave up on her birthday she was 84 on the 29th july .
She couldn’t talk but we both understood each other without words & i loved every minute of the past year caring for my mum
I miss her already

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Hi. Liffy and Welcome to SR. It’s so sad when we lose someone so close, but you can have no regrets because you looked after your mum so well and gave her love and empathy, the two most important things we can give.
After the funeral, and when things slow down, it’s then you may feel the loss even more. Sometimes, when we are busy caring, we forget ourselves and concentrate on our loved one. You will find many understanding folk on here who have lost parents. If you look at the category ‘Losing a Parent’ you will find many who have been or are where you are now.
Yes, words don’t matter, it’s deeds that count. There is no real language for love. It’s universal. Mourn and allow emotions to come. It will be hard going for some time, but you have done your very best and you can take some consolation in that. Take it all one day at a time. Try not to anticipate the future. Give yourself time and space.
Very best wishes. John.

Hi liffy
Sorry to hear about your mum. My mum suffered a major stroke in june 2019. Unfortunately she only survived a few hours.
I read your story and wonder what life would have been like if my mum had survived and I had months or years more with her. She was just 74.
You did your mum proud looking after her.
Cheryl x

Hi Liffy, so sorry to hear about your Mum. I lost my wonderful Mum in January. She had 2 falls and hit her head twice, 4 days apart, and she wasn’t offered a scan on her head at either time. She was in hospital as she had fractured her pelvis, she was fine when we visited her. We then got a call a few hours later to ask us to come in as she’d suffered a huge stroke. There was nothing they could do so we just sat with her for two days until she passed away. I miss her so much, we were so close. There is to be a Coroner’s Inquest, so now we have to try and get through this too. I truly think the loss of your Mum is one of the worst things to cope with in life. I still cry most days, but we can and have to get through this. You can too Liffy. Matters were made worse for us as my Mother in Law then caught Covid 19 a few months after, and died too. As a family we are still in shock with everything that has happened. However, we have to get through this. This is why I’ve joined this group, to speak to people who know exactly how you feel. I find that really helpful, and hopefully you do too Liffy xx