My beautiful mum

We lost our mum yesterday and we are broken
Our family bond is very close and it’s totally devastated us. I miss her so much and so concerned about my dad


Oh Tulip I am so sorry to hear this :cry: x

Would you like to tell us a bit more about your mum as she was obviously such a lovely person?

No pressure just if you want to.

Be kind to yourself,


My mum suffered from cancer on and off for several years. She had a brain tumour. She was brave, never moaned and strong right to the end and it didn’t affect her mind at all. We are broken

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Mother’s never complain or even let on most times that they are not even feeling well…my mum was exactly the same. Everytime I asked if she was ok al I got was ‘I’m fine, stop worrying’.

Your mum certainly was a strong lady who I imagine was an inspiration to you all.

I can only imagine how shell- shocked you all feel and nothing will feel real for a while yet if you’re anything like a lot of us here but take all the help offered to you from anyone and there are a lot of people here that can lend a loving ear.

Take care,

Suzanne x

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I am so sorry Tulip. I also lost my mother yesterday from cancer. I came on here to find some sort of support and find sense from my own emotions as I don’t have any friends around me although I do have a wonderful family. A loss of a mother is such a profound loss that I don’t feel I can ever be the same person again but I hope that we both will find comfort in time from the memories shared and blessings that only a mother’s love can bring. Big hugs to you Tulip xxx

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