My Beautiful Mum

I dont know where to begin. Im the youngest of 3 children. I was born 6 weeks early with a hole in my heart. Mum had to spend alit of time at hospitals with me until my surgery at 4 years old.bmy siblings couldnt understand mums absence and resented me for it. Unfortunately this caused a break in any bonding with my brother and sister but resulted in mum being my whole world. We were inseparable. Mum had bad health a few operations and time off work. I would skip school to stay home to take care of her. We would sit up all night chatting and watching tv. I felt like it was just me and mum in the world she came first no matter what. My siblings left home and cut all ties with me and mum which was really difficult we couldnt understand how now 14 years after i was norn why do they still not understand my health was nobodies fault especially not me or mum. Mum had a nervous breakdown in 2010 after breaking her arm and having to give up work. I stood by her supporting her like she supported me. I was by her side for every step. She then had a fallband broke her hip leading to a 2 month stay in the hospital and then care at home. I took care of my dad and betwern us got the hone ready for myns return.

Our bond is like the glue that holds tables to walls you know extrALa super glue. Nothing and noone would break it. We spoke everyday texting talking just sitting and keeping each othet comoany neither of us hadvfriends and wete estranged rfom my siblings.

I cant ecpress just how important she was in my life.

October 16th mum had a nasrt fall breaking the artificial hip and both thigh bones her right knee was shattered aswell. I stillbdont know how she managed to cause allbthr damage. She needed a few operations to fix her legs on the 17th she had her first operation which went well. But overnight she deteriorated and the folliwing morning i was told she had several issues that wouldnt get better. Inhad to agree to stop intervention and let mum join yhe angels i sat with her everyday til she fell asleep 23rd i think im still in shock. I just cant believe i woll never see her again. Long story about that day when she fell we have a coroner involved and a complaint to the ambulance service. Which im sorting on my own aswell as looking after my dad. Im disabled but i do manage with dads affairs and my own home. Im tired frustrated and every other emotion going.

Nice to meet you all

Hello @Kaz22, I am so sorry for the sudden loss of your mum. It sounds like you had a very special relationship. It is understandable that you’re feeling such a mix of emotions. You might find our support page on Losing a parent may be helpful to read and to know you are alone.

Many of our members have experienced the loss of a parent and will understand some of what you’re going through right now. I hope you find the community to be a support to you - if you think some further bereavement support like counselling might be helpful for you, our Online Bereavement Support page can walk you through some of your options.

Take care and keep reaching out.