My beautiful Mum

I feel completely lost and heartbroken since my beautiful Mum passed away unexpectedly on 6th March 2022.
Following a recent injury that lowered her immune system she was unable to shift a chest infection made worse as she suffered with COPD. She was released from hospital twice even with oxygen, however following her third admission she developed Pneumonia. At first her doctors at Poole hospital were positive (this was the friday 4th March) stating that she was bringing the fluid up however by the sunday morning they were stating suddenly that there was nothing further they could do. Learning that she was to be moved to palliative care she became anxious and for some unknown reason they chose to sedate her, causing her breathing to lower and she stopped breathing. Why would they sedate someone with COPD & Pneumonia…

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Dear L,

I’m thinking of you in these sad times.
I lost my Mum 5 months ago and her stay in hospital was not great.
I talk to Mum all the time.
If you need to chat please let me know.


Hi @lharding75 it’s a devastating loss and it sounds like it was very traumatic for you. It’s normal to go over all the details but take care that it doesn’t overwhelm you in your grief. You can’t change what happened sadly so it can be really torturous. We all do it though… My Mum died suddenly and unexpectedly nine months ago and there are still times when I torment myself by thinking about what happened. All those if onlys, but in the end it’s better to try and focus on happier memories and the love. Best wishes xx

Thinking of you I lost my dad 6 years ago this month, so a difficult journey sending love and hugs