My beautiful wife taken

On 22 jan my beautiful wife was taken from me, taken by that awful cancer.she had 3 years of suffering…when she died at home all her lovely family were there by her side i will never forget the day…she was cremated on her favourite day .valentines day and had the most beautiful of services…my heart is smashed all i seem to do is breakdown all day long.we were married 22 years and have 2 beautiful daughters…she helped me through the death of my 17 year old son killed in a car accident 18 years ago…i will miss this beautiful woman as long as i am walking this planet…to make things worse my own mother as not even text or rung or even sent a card to acknowledge my wifes passing .she knows as my brother told her on the same day my wife passed…i have decided to take her out of my life as she is wife helped her a lot…
God rest in peace my beautiful clare xxx


Sorry for the loss of your beautiful wife. We are on this awful journey now one we didnt ask for its like being on a merry-go-round that doent stop i hate my life now . Sorry your mum hadn’t offered you any support perhaps she doesn’t know what to say . My dad was very similar when my husband died no phone call ,no card, he didnt even come to funeral. Now hes got cancer and not long to live , but i won’t be sending a card and i don’t think I will be going to his funeral, he didnt even come to my wedding. Hope in the coming weeks you can find some peace just take each day as it comes wishing you well x


Thank you for your reply like you i hate life is so raw and it is so lonely without that special person in your life by your side…no my mother is only bothered about money and whos getting her shopping.she never bothered turning up at my sons funeral.i an like you i wont be going to her funeral.the only person besides my children who was so precious to me was my beatiful wife…why is life so cruel xx


So sorry @Miller60 for the loss of your beloved wife. You must be knocked sideways at the moment. I remember the disbelief being so all consuming at the start of my journey almost ten months ago. There is no easy way through it but try to listen to whatever your mind and body tell you to do. Rest when you need to and cry when you feel like it.

I’m sure you’ll find plenty of support on here to see you through times when you feel a lack of support around you.

Love and hugs
Karen xxx


Thank you for those lovely words karen.your so right i am knocked heart is shattered .i am only 60 and i just hope i dont live until 90 yrs old…a lot of lonely years one can replace the loss of your wife/husband your best friend your soul mate…all i am doing is sitting in the house and break down all the time xx


I am similar @Miller60 61 when I lost my darling 60 year old husband last April. Way too young and totally out of the blue in my case. He was seemingly extremely fit and well, went our to play football as usual and never came home.

I do find that now I have better days and can laugh and do some social activities but not things we did together yet. We are all different and there is no set pathway for us to follow but this forum is very supportive, helping each other through many stages.

My main motivation to do things is looking after what he created and what mattered to him - his farmland, home, garden and of course our lovely daughters most of all. I want to make him proud and use my love for him as a motivator.

Keep posting and telling us anything or ask anything.

Karen xxx


@Miller60 I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful wife and soulmate. I lost my wife of 47 years nearly 4 months ago. The emotional pain was unimaginable. The physical pain was totally unexpected and overwhelming. I wish I could say it gets better. I can’t but as @KarenF says it does get different. You have your two lovely daughters to grieve with you. Remember they have lost their mum and they may grieve differently too. I almost overlooked that at the beginning with my grown up children but we now grieve together and I have good support. I am sorry to hear your mother is not there for you. That will bring added stress. You are now among people who will understand and empathise and some who have had similar experiences. Although we are all different and have different journeys the common factor is our pain and internal loneliness. As these hit you, post and you will find support.


I’m so sorry for your loss.
You’ve come to the right place. You’re in good hands here. Everyone here understands what you’re going through.
Words can’t explain the pain and emotions but we’re all here :heart:


Thank you syncrog60 so one knows the pain and sadness and loneliness until you actually lose that special person in your life x


Thank you karen for that lovely message.same age as my wife and I.i am 60 she was 61 .would have been her 62 birthday next week …i hope i can get to the stage where i can smile again and get a bit of normality back in my life…i know it will take a long time.Because its less than a month my wife died and been sent up to heaven everything is raw.i cant stop breaking down it hurts as we were so so close married 23 yrs have 2 lovely daughters then 3 years ago the dreaded cancer entered our lives to turn it upside down…I know life for me now will never be the same again xx


As @Mike75 says, we are all in this together and we are stronger together too. There is never a time when we are completely alone as someone on here will see a message and support each of us through the bad times and hopefully rejoice in some better times.

Prayers for strength are coming your way. xxx


So sorry to hear about your wife, I also list my wife to cancer in Oct 21 leaving behind our two young children.
I’d Like to say it gets easier but you just learn to cope as time passes.

I’ve no doubt your doing her proud even when you don’t think you are … sending love pal!


Hi thaig201 thank you for your kind words .i am sure you will be right learning to cope with the loss…i hope she is looking down and hope i am making her proud.


No doubt in my mind she is bud and walking with you everyday! :heart:


How dreadfully sad for u, i bet u feel smashed 2 pieces, & 2 lose yr son as well. i felt like i had been hit by a juggernaut lorry when my husband died
& he died 5 years ago last Christmas & i still miss him every day.
We all feel for u on here, grief is horrendous, & the loneliness is a killer.
But by remembering yr lovely wife u will get through each day. But it takes time.
Talk any time.

So sorry for your loss it a very personal journey grief. Not something you get used to. I was married 47 years and mark was taken 17 month ago. Just take each day as it come. It’s a hard journey to travel. I still breakdown most days. Take care of you.

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So sorry for ur loss, I feel ur pain, as only lost my wonderful man four months ago
Life seems a waste of time without them in it, but we must be strong, because that’s what they would want, try to live life as they would have, do it for ur darling wife, grieving is a very painful thing and hopefully we will both in time move on, carry her in ur heart always , I wish you peace and strength to carry on


Thank you pauline.yes your right lonliness is a killer.the silence is awful and the knowing i will never touch her or hear her voice ever again just makes me breakdown so much


Ahh it is so awful & heartbreaking
& u feel its never going 2 end.
Take 1 day @ a time.

I lost my wife sue on the first of February this year due to pancreatic cancer. I feel so lost and alone my daughter and family are really supportive but i really don’t want to be here but i made my gorgeous fantastic wife sue a promise to carry on being the person she made in to.cant stop crying some days and dreading 19th April as its sues birthday. Her final journal was on our 7th wedding anniversary as sue wanted to hang on till afterwards so she didn’t spoil it for us of her sisters spoilt the wake by saying the day wasnt about sue it was about her.havent spoken to her since and dont intend to ever again .everything feels so raw