My belief blown apart


Would like to know what you all think?

Since my husband died every now & again the TV would come on at 2am ish & i would be woken up.

The first time I was scarred someone else was in the home but after getting up & investigating I turned the TV off & went back to bed.

I always believed you go on & when my time came I’d see him again, so I thought the TV coming on was my husband visiting?

I looked it up on google & wish I hadn’t, i5 said that TVs sometimes turn on at that time for updates, I feel stupid.

It’s really thrown my belief that I’ll see him again & feel like I’ve lost him all over again.

What do my fellow grieves think?

Hello, I have never heard of a TV turning itself on and updating. Also, IF it did it surely wouldn’t be as frequent as it seems to have been for you.
I honestly think that if you feel this has been your husband visiting and you get comfort from that, then that is what is happening.
I feel so happy when I see a white feather outside our door, or falling from a tree in the garden. I love to think it’s my husband giving me a sign he is ok.
I think you should hold onto the comfort you get when you feel your husband is visiting you.
They will never leave our hearts & lives and we must hold onto them in any way we can do and wish to.


Hello @Flower_garden.

I agree with @JaneyS, I have never heard of a TV turning itself on for updates. Mine never has so why would yours? So please don’t be disheartened, that man of yours was certainly the culprit. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My dad was at addict when he passed the tv was always coming on and would change channels always when it was a programme he didn’t like he passed 16 years ago even now the tv will sometimes turn on or off we always say dads here xx you will definitely meet with your beloved when it’s your time I certain of that xx


Dear Flower_garden

I too have never heard of a TV coming on and updating.

Since my husband died just over 12 months ago I have prayed every night for a sign from him to no avail but I do believe despite this, we will be reunited. I have put the lack of any signs down to the fact that I am so angry at my husband and the accident that took his life.

I think grief does this, makes us doubt ourselves and beliefs.

I will be reunited and I will be back in my husband’s arms. It may just be a long journey before I get that moment.


I never heard of a T.V turning its self on for updates, nor has any T.V Ive ever owned done it, Im afraid I dont know about the workings of todays T.V, with all the connections to the Internet, but Ive still never heard of it, if you find comfort in believing its a sign from you’r loved one then why not gain comfort from, I know I would . What harm can it cause.
Hugs Chrissy3



I am not religious person
My husband died at our home then 9months later my mum died
like others I find feathers all the time now - I didn’t before
I was painting my decking this summer I turned round there was a single feather stuck on what I had just painted - my mum would find that funny she was always mischievous
I came home from work there on my front mat was a tiny feather
My husband died at the bottom of our stairs I had a wee table there I moved it to dust a feather was stuck on the back of it !!
Each time I see them it brings a warm feeling inside is it my mum and david letting me know they are together and are ok ,and they are looking out for me
It will never take away the heartache I feel every day but for a few minutes it makes me happy
It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks as long as it gives you some comfort
And that’s differently what we all need
So the next time your tv goes on you think it’s your husband letting you he is always with you
Sending my love


Thank you all for taking the time to reply, I feel much better after reading your replies. :relieved:


It could be him if it’s happening often, I have never had my tv come on for an update. Here is a story about a tv though …my mam passed away at home suddenly. My dad rang me at 5pm when he came home and found her, obviously I went straight round. Went though all emotions of shock etc. Family and friends came round to support us. As sudden death police had to come before undertaker could come for my mam, any way they came for my mam before 7pm. My dad and friends were in living room talking…the tv randomly came on at 7.18 the emmerdale break, now the night before dad was watching emmerdale and mam had turned tv off at that same time as she didn’t want tv on, dad said why u turn tv off that wasn’t nice I was watching that. Then when she passed the next day that happened with tv same time same program


That’s amazing !

That is fantastic, it gave me goosebumps, that must have been so comforting for your dad, I love reading all about signs, I’ve had white feathers, an butterflies, but would love something more.

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Another weird thing happened…the day after my mam died. Me and dad went back to her house just to sit, feel close to her by being in her house and chat. I went upstairs for the toilet, I shut the living room door and I half shut bathroom door. As I got into the bathroom I was talking to my mam saying things out loud. Then I heard like a mumble a voice I couldn’t make it out. I thought I heard my dad shouting for me or him on the phone. I got downstairs…dad said what did you say? I said I didn’t say anything, he said he could of sworn he heard my mam say is that u Emma? She always said that when I went in if she was upstairs she’d shout is that u Emma? …nothing else happened tho :pensive: