My Birthday

Tomorrows my 53rd birthday and it’s 4 weeks since I lost my beautiful Mum. She always started the day for me by singing Happy Birthday down the phone, I’m going to miss that so much. Dad has sent me a card from both him and Mum. I just want to know how I’m supposed to enjoy this day now Mums gone. I need to for my children but where do I get the strength when the feeling ofloss is do strong?

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Happy Birthday for tomorrow @Nettie3070.

It’s such a short time since you lost your lovely Mum, it’s no wonder you’re feeling apprehensive about the day.

Not quite the same but, it was a similar amount of time after my lovely husband died, that our Wedding Anniversary date came along.

I just concentrated on getting through the day without putting myself under any pressure to be jolly or maudlin or anything else.

Your children presumably, are of an age where they can understand why you are feeling sad?
Let them comfort you.

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Happy birthday to you, I know its going to be a sad was aswell :cry: I lost my beloved Mam 7 weeks ago, I’d give anything to hold her once more she was my best friend :heart:
I’m sure your mam is looking down on you sending her love, it’s so early days yet my lovely, take one day at a time. I’m sure your children are helping you. I have a son 28 and a daughter 23 and omg they both have helped me, especially my daughter I think I’d still be curled up in bed wanting to join my mam if it wasn’t for her support.
Hope you are getting all the love and support you need, take care always here for a chat :purple_heart:

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