My birthday

Today is my first birthday without my husband who died in August. It feels far worse than Christmas or New year but perhaps that is because it comes so soon afterwards. I feel very lonely especially as i have no children (my husband has two adult children by his first marriage) and it is really hard not being anyone’s special person anymore. I was single for a long time before i met him and couldn’t believe my luck when i found him and feel cheated to have only been married for 9 years ( he died 2 days after our wedding anniversary). We always made a fuss of each others birthday and did something special and went way - now although i have had cards, texts and a few gifts no one cares the way he did. It guests so much and i just can’t seem to stop crying


@Jsg I know it is not the same but wishing you as best a day as possible today. Like you say ‘not being anyone’s special person’ really hits home. My husband died seven days after our forty ninth wedding anniversary. But it doesn’t matter how long you were together it was the love you shared that matters. Cry all you want, they say it helps. I can relate to the loneliness it’s not getting any easier for me but have to hope for better days. Sending a hug your way.X


Birthdays and anniversaries are so hard when our lived ones are gone. My husband died before my 60th and we had planned on going away all of which didnt happen. Hope your day goes as well as expected.


So hard @Jsg .
My first birthday without Richard was only a month after he died so it went by in a blur. Our 29th anniversary was 11 days before that. I know our anniversary this year will be difficult as we were planning a big celebration.

As you say, not being anyone’s special person is another reminder of what we have lost.

Sending love to you. xxx