My brother

Hello I am Gordon I need to talk to someone About my emotions of grief


Hi Gordon, I’m so sorry you have lost a brother.
Welcome to the Sue Ryder family. Yes I think of us as an extended family as everyone on here has lost someone very special to them.
For me it was my husband and my sister both within a month of each other last year.
Grief is a real rollercoaster, one minute your up and coping the next down in sadness and very often we are all in tears.
You will find many others share your experience and talking to each other helps.
I have a son about your age and I know how he is struggling with losing his dad.
You have made the first step, keep reaching out and talking .
My love goes out to you and all your family.
Debbie X

Hello Gordonl, I hope you can get the help you are looking for from our community but if not think about counselling just so you can talk.
It’s awful when we loss a special person in our life and our emotions are all over the place. Until it happens to you it’s difficult to understand what grieving is and the how it affects the whole of your life. Sending you blessings and please take care of yourself and your family. S xx

Hi , would you like to tell me about your self and your brother

Maria, that is so kind of you. Look after yourself Sxx

Hi Gordon I’ll tell you a bit about myself , I’m.a twin in December 2020 I lost my twin sister breast cancer , I’m totally lost with out her , I’ve been grieving since then , please get back because I’m sure we can help each other

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