My brothers

I lost my brothers within 10 weeks of each other, I was grieving for the first loss then my 2nd brother passed away, I feel numb one minute then the next I just cry, people seem to think I should be able to cope as it’s now 6 weeks later but it feels as fresh now as before, I cant forget a lifetime of being siblings in 6weeks ,

Hello Tooty, you are definitely right, 6 weeks is no time at all but I am afraid the wider world don’t think like that. We don’t talk about death or bereavement and until it happens to us we don’t appreciate how much pain there is when someone we love leaves us. We have this bad habit of putting a brave face on and then crying when we are alone and I suppose it’s natural now but not very helpful. Take your time to come to terms with losing your brothers because they are still part of you and your life, enjoy memories and look at photos, remembering the happy and silly times you have had with them, they are still a big part of you and will always be. It’s hard when other people think it all goes away within days but every one on here knows that’s not the case, there’s many who will say ‘yes we know how that feels’ so please keep reading and posting, we are always here for you. Take special care of yourself.

I can fully understand you brother. Coping is not that easy as it is said. You will get over it. You brothers are in heaven.

Tooty I am so sorry for your loss. Losing one sibling let alone 2 is totally heart wrenching. Try & get all the support you can, grief can be a very lonely place.
I am 9 weeks into my devastating journey having lost my 22 year old son suddenly on 21st June. I cannot begin to imagine my life without him. I lost my mum & gran to suicide when I was young & have survived. I just don’t know how to carry on this time. The scars are so so deep.
This site & support from comments helps us to not feel so alone. Best wishes, keep posting.