My dad acute leaukemia

My dad adored my, he told me often enough.since my mum and dad divorced 30 years ago not many of my other siblings bothered with him, some saw him once in a blue moon! Dad remarried, life was wonderful!
On Tuesday 27th at 1pm my had passed away after a week long fight with leaukemia, the infection took him! Dad literally would fight with us to get out of bed although he was sedated, It would carry on for hours until he tired himself out, this went on for 5 days till he became too weak! In this time I sang to him, read him articles he was interested in, played music, talked to him about the same old rubbish and kissed and loved him!
I am unable to cry! I have now discovered that my mother and horrible sibling had contacted a solicitor 1 1/2 days after my fathers death to claim money from the divorce settlement, I am so angry at their coldhearted, selffishness!! I shouted at my mother!!! I don’t want to see her again!! What am I doing apart from going insane!

Hi Mandybubble,

I’m so sorry to hear about your dad passing away. It sounds as though you were really close to him and you were so supportive in his final days, it must have meant a lot to him to have you singing and reading to him. I’m sorry to hear about the way your mum and sibling acted and the upset that caused you.

This site is your space to let out some of those feelings and chat to others who have been through similar experiences.

For example, Jen has recently lost her dad, and she also mentions that her other siblings were not around to help support him:

If you would like to chat to Jen, feel free to add a reply to her post.

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Hello Mandy
I thought I’d send you a message as Priscilla mentioned I also cared for my dad, just me and his partner did everything. I know your dad will have appreciated everything you did just like I know mine did & we have so much more to hold on to and miss because we was there. let yourself grieve that’s all I keep hearing but I too am angry and had a couple of siblings out to see what they could get & people like that will be very very lonely people when it comes down to it. You just focus on yourself Hun your going through something now that I think is the hardest thing ever. here if you ever want to chat:’)

I feel like I have a new friend… it’s called grief, it’s a manic depressive and should be approached with care!!

Yes that’s defiantly true, you will honestly have some really bad days but you will start to have some good days again. I didn’t believe that but I have I still miss my dad every single day you just get better at living with it I think.

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