My dad died on Tuesday

Hello everyone,. I just feel numb, sick, tired and just can’t believe it! My dad died suddenly on Tuesday morning. He had a heart attack last week, had stents fitted and was sent home 2 days later. He started to get better and stronger last week but then went to bed on Monday night as normal, my mum heard a strange noise and couldn’t wake him, called 999 and paramedics couldnt bring him back.

I am an only child and am 50 years old but was always my dads little girl.

I feel what ever I do to take my mind off things eg go for a coffee with a friend, leave the house, it is the wrong thing to do and the pain will never leave as if I do it hits me with a bang again.

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I lost my mum on Wednesday and I just wanted to say I’m sorry for your loss I cant advise you because I’m struggling myself but just wanted to reach out

Thank you, so sorry for your loss too.

It’s just so surreal, can’t get my head around it at all.

Stay safe xx

I’m so sorry for your loss,

Everybody deals with grief in their own way,
You do you.
I went out a lot with friends in the beginning when I unexpectedly lost my dad about 1,5 years ago.
I was 23 and my dad 50.
He got very sick out of nowhere and within 4 days he passed away, we had to stoppen his treatment in the hospital.
With covid, only my mom was allowed.
So everybody deals a lot different.
I started counseling last week.
Hopefully it gives me space and can put my mind a little bit to rest.