My Dad is gone

I’m not sure if I can post here as my Dad didn’t die of an illness and it wasn’t expected at all. I don’t mean to offend anyone if I have but I’m so confused with everything. My lovely Dad died on 02/07/19 after a routine colonoscopy where the doctor cut his bowel, then 2 major operations and finally sepsis took hold and there was nothing more to be done. 13 days from being healthy until he died. His death was horrific. He died in agony and I’m so angry that the doctor cut him that started the chain of events and angry at the surgical ward for not noticing he was suffering and that he had sepsis when we were begging them for help and telling them something wasn’t right. I’m sorry for posting here if it’s the wrong place but I’m so upset and I don’t know where else to go. His funeral is on Thursday and I don’t know how to get through it and past it and how I’ll get by without him in the future

Hi. Mel. It makes not one iota of difference how your dad died, bereavement is bereavement no matter how or when it happens. Of course you have come to the right place. What better place to be where everyone knows how you feel. We are all here and in the same circumstances. Grief is grief, whatever the cause of losing a loved one. How could you possibly offend anyone. My heart goes out to you as will others who read your post.
I do sincerely hope the funeral goes well, if any funeral can go ‘well’! He’s not in pain now and at rest. Take care and you have come to the right place. Never doubt it. We are all with you in your grief. Please come back and talk. Blessings.

Hey Mel, omg. That is such an awful thing to happen. I have to say, i would go to the hospital and find out exactly what happened and how. It may give u closure or more information of what happened at least. U deserve that and it will help with healing. I had to know everything about my mum, when she passed. If there could have been more awareness, ur inquiries may help someone else, if not, the full information may help you.

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Hello my dad died last year and I no for me it’s so heard I was so close to my dad and im not to sure how im gonna go though life with out him my family live near where he resting place is that what I call it he bed of rest but I dont live near my family no more i talk to my mum she the strongest woman I no and i no dad would be so proud of her but i feel like i really cant talk to her or my sisters and brother i feel there got anuff on there problems of there own so I dont go to them

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