My Dad is so lonely

My step-mum recently died in July, My Dad is finding it harder to cope without her. He finds it hard every day. They had been together over 30 years. He is so lonely living alone, I try to go and see Dad twice a week, but I live 20 miles away. How can I help him cope better, especially at Christmas time

My wife died in August. We were an item for 49 years and married for 44.Unfortunately I don’t know the answer. I think it’s good that you care about him and good that you visit. That will help. I don’t think he is suddenly going to be ‘healed’ but maybe over time he will cope a little better. Maybe someone else on the forum will suggest something more.

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Hi stephy123
I lost my husband in March this year,we were married 35 years and my 3 daughters have their own homes,so i am finding it lonely and very strange,my daughters are around as much as they can be and i am grateful for that,and like Yorkshire Lad said,it is lovely that you do care,and your dad will know that ,you can only do your best as there is no answer really ,your dad will find a way,just listen and support him as you already are.x

I lost my wife in October. And although my kids and grandkids are all around me I’m still so lonely. I’m tending to push everyone away. Xmas day il be with my kids but come the evening il spend it with a bottle of whisky tears and bed. I think he will come to you when he’s ready. Phone him text him but don’t be surprised if he wants to be a little apart. Being round my kids makes me think about my wife more as she should be there with me and the kids. That’s how I feel. Xxx

I’m just the same Stevie. Being with the grandkids is a bittersweet experience. I know they love to see me, I know who summoned me to attend the Nativity Concert last night. I knew how hard it would be but it gladdened my heart that they wanted me there, even at the risk of almost choking with emotion. How could they understand.

Bitter sweet is the right word it’s great to have them around but upsetting at the same time

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