My Dad, My Bestfriend.

Hi all,

I lost my dad on the 11th of May this year, and I’m really not coping at all.
I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, and I feel on the brink of a break down.

Me and my Pops were the best of friends, joined at the hip and had the greatest relationship ever. Im only 23 and arranging his funeral which I never thought would happen, well not for a very long time yet anyway. It has massively smacked me in the face and I feel on the verge of a breakdown. Ive approached counselling and they’ve said I have to wait 10-12 weeks for a referral, and I’m scared what I could potentially do within them weeks,

Please, I beg if anyone could help me, I need it,


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Dear Amy-Lee, I am very sorry for the loss of your dad, it sounds like you had such a lovely relationship with him. You were both so lucky. I’m a dad myself and I hope I mean as much to my children as your dad clearly meant to you.

23 is such a young age to be organising the funeral and dealing with this. I really hope you have someone there to help. A family member or friend. There’s also your GP, Cruse, the Samaritans, and possibly other local organisations who could help you.

I know nothing of your circumstances, and don’t want to say the wrong thing, but as a dad I hope I reach the end of my days before my children and that afterwards they have long, happy, and fullfilled lives. I guess that’s what your dad would want for you.

I hope others will reply to you soon and that you get the help and support you need to get you through the coming difficult weeks.

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Hello. I lost my partner in the 3rd May. It’s so raw isn’t it. I’m also arranging the funeral. I’m so sorry. Pm anytime.

I have depression.
Please try Cruse Bereavement phone, Google please, I may add number. They can be busy late morning. Don’t give up. Also try The Samaritans.
Please go straight to accident and emergency at the hospital if you have a plan of suicide. Papyrus, Prevention of young suicide is on the web it’s good, take a look and there may be a helpline number.
Please don’t give up.