My dad

I lost my dad in October 2019 and bang its hit me now x
Also bringing things up for me rearding my mum who passed over 10 yrs ago xx

Hi. Louise and Welcome. Delayed grief can hit at any time. It may be many years after a loss when the old feelings we dread so much can return. There is no doubt that your more recent loss has stirred up memories. We can never put a time limit on grief. How did you cope when your mum passed? Can you apply the same ways of coping again? It’s good you are here among kind folk who understand. This site is all about sharing and unloading so don’t hesitate to come back and talk.
Blessings. John.

Hi there John
I didnt greive i dont think properly, there was a breakdown in relationship after my mum and dad split up when i was 25, then from then on i protected my dad from any hurt till the day he died, he was devastated when she left him. x