My Dad 💔

I lost my Dad on the 8th July 2021 (4 weeks ago today) after he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer on New Years Eve. We all remained so positive throughout as my Dad was 57, a non-smoker, a non-drinker, healthy and a builder for 30 years… I feel so broken. So numb and like time is moving in slow motion. Everyday gets harder instead of easier like everyone says it will. I remain strong throughout the day for my boys’ but at night I just crumble. I don’t know what to do and just want him to come back…

Zerin, it’s sad when our dad goes and he was very young. I have a great respect for builders and normally they are strong physically but unfortunately cancer doesn’t take anything into account. Being strong yourself is great and don’t worry about falling apart in the evening, you have to let go sometime. It is early days down this horrible road of grieving but you will get through it and they say it makes you more resilient. I am pleased you found this site because everyone on here knows how you are feeling and we all send you big hugs and blessings to help you through. Take small baby steps and don’t rush anything. Take care of yourself and your boys. S xxx

Thank you both… I just feel like time is moving so slowly and I have no idea what day or time it is… I work in a school and am dreading going back to work in September, at the moment, I’m struggling to get up in the mornings… My Dad went from this happy, healthy, strong man to lying in a hospital bed not knowing anything. He was in a deep sleep the last few days and occasionally made noises. The Nurses were lovely and said he could hear us so to keep on talking to him. I’m 35 and can’t imagine the rest of my years without my Dad. My eldest is 10 so kind of understands, but my youngest is 5 and keeps asking where grandad is. Saying I am heartbroken is a understatement :broken_heart:

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Oh Zerin just reading your words I am heartbroken, I’m 32 and I feel the same the rest of our lives how ever long without our parents is just unimaginable. My eldest is 5 and I read her a book (prepare for tears for yourself aswell it’s truly beautifully wrote) it’s called Waterbugs and Dragonflies: Explaining death to young children and my daughter just seemed to understand from that. With work don’t force anything it’s good to push yourself to do things but don’t push too hard, if you struggle at work have a word with your boss. Here if you need anything xx

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