My Dad

I am new to the group, I lost my Dad back in April and we had a strong bond he has always been there since losing my Mum and my brother, I now feel very much alone and don’t what I am going to do without him.


@Suzanne1568 - I am so sorry - you have been through so much pain, loss and grief. Your Dad’s death is so recent, it must be very hard. I am here because my husband, Tom, 16 months ago today. Mostly, I am better and stronger, adapting to being alone and making everything happen by myself. I have found this community to be one where everyone understands and we support each other. We are with you, hold on. It will get easier as the days and weeks roll by - and your Dad, even though you can’t see him, is still with you, like Tom is for me. x


Dear @Suzanne1568

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. Losing a parent leaves an empty hole in our lives. Grief is a horrible journey of emotions, it is a rollercoaster ride with good days and bad days. All of which is normal. Grief is a journey to be taken at your pace.

There are resources by Sue Ryder which may be of help to you at this time.

There is a useful Grief Guide that contains information to help you understand and cope with your bereavement and grief. When you feel ready, it would be worth having a look at it.

It might be helpful for you to book and appointment with your doctor to let them know how you feel and to see how they can support you if you have not done so already. You may wish to consider one to one Counselling. Sue Ryder offer free online Bereavement Counselling which you may be interested in. It would be worth having a look at it.

There is also a blog on Losing a Parent which may be of help and support to you along with Stages of Grief

Grief Coach text service, which sends you personalised text support via SMS. This is helpful for family and friends too.

You need to be gentle with yourself and take one day at a time. You are still in the very early stages of grief. Have you looked at bereavement support groups in your area. There is an amazing organisation called AtALoss which might be of help and support to you. Their website is full of resources and information.

We all understand your pain having lost a loved one. You are not alone. Keep reaching out to us. Take care of yourself.

Peppers x

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