My Dad

My dad was admitted to hospital with a blocked bowel ( he had cancer which was under control with meds).
While in the hospital he had several falls, first fall resulted in a cut to his forehead, second fall he cut all his back when the toilet broke his fall and worst of all the third fall resulted in a broken hip!
He was never accessed on arrival and the all important falls accessment was never done.
He had the hip replaced but never came Back properly from the op’.
He died a week later.
The coroner’s inquest found the hospital at fault and the cause of his passing.
This happened 2 years ago and I just can’t get over it, the uncaring attitude of the hospital hasn’t helped either.


That must have been so traumatising for you, I’m sorry to hear that. You took your dad to hospital for help and they didn’t assess him properly. I bet you were/are livid. Are you taking the negligence side of things any further?

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Yes. It’s being dealt with by a solicitor and the health board.

I am so so sorry to hear this. My family have been completely failed by the nhs also, we should be grateful for it apparently but I think the care is below what it should be! There’s not much comfort you can take from a situation like this because your dad was failed so terribly, sending you strength x