My dad

I lost my wonderful dad two weeks ago tomorrow. I know it’s still early days but I feel so….well I don’t actually know, numb, tearful, tired, incredibly sad all the time. I hate the voices in my head as my thoughts don’t give me a moments peace. The funeral is next week and I’m dreading it. Sorry I just wanted to get a few things down as I can’t talk without crying.


I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you will find some support and comfort here xx


@Shiv70 so sorry for your loss. It is still very early days and how you are feeling is very normal. Shout, scream, cry whenever you need to.
I dreaded my Dads funeral too, always being the super emotional member of the family i thought i would fall apart but i was quite numb, it didnt feel real, didnt feel like it was my dad in that wooden box. I cried more in the days/weeks leading up to it than on the day.

We are all here to support you, reach out whenever you need to. Take 1 day at a time, you will get through this xx


@Shiv70 I am so sorry for your loss. It is a year since my Dad died and I am still trying to process it. I threw myself into work and sorting out everyone else’s grief and not my own. As a result I went into work last Monday and out of nowhere had a complete melt down. I am now signed off work and awaiting some counselling. I do feel if I had been kinder to myself at the start I would not be in this situation now. What I want to say to you is your feelings are perfectly normal. Don’t try to put them to one side. I hope you have others to support you. Please ask for help now speak to your GP take your time but most important of all know that what you are feeling is normal in this situation. I am not great at talking to people close to me. I listened to what they had to say but I must say being able to write things on here to others who I don’t know but who are feeling the same pain does help. As for the funeral I have done 2 in the last 7 months (my mum dead shortly after Dad) you will get through. Don’t put any pressure on yourself. Use the time to grieve.

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I totally feel for you it’s only just over 4 months since I lost my mam… I can’t say it gets easier cause I’m finding it much harder… Maybe write your dad a nice letter leave it with him get all your feelings out that’s what I did with my mam I placed it in her hand… if you ever need to talk I’m here x