My dad

I lost my dearest dad in January and just get it out of my head he is gone. He was my hero that taught me every thing I know. Who do I turn to now. I miss him so much.

I feel your pain .
I also lost my Dad in January.
Not just my Dad he was my best friend .
I too am totally devastated.

It’s unbearable isn’t it. I have been a nurse for over 30yrs and thought I had prepared myself but nothing can prepare for the pain in your chest it just hurts constantly . I am so sorry for your loss. Debbie x

Debbie I too thought I had prepared myself for the loss of my Dad due to his age 89 I knew it could happen at any time.
He died so quickly no illness no warning.
He was there then he was gone.
The shock hit me like a lead weight.
I never had a chance to say goodbye
My Mom died 15 years ago and it was nothing like this.
My Dad was 89 with a mind as sharp as anyone.
Although he was OK I did a lot for him .
Housework shopping you no the kind of stuff.
I always knew I loved him ,he was my best friend .
But now it’s hit me how deeply I loved him and what a big part of my life he was.
I miss helping and looking out for him.
The phone calls , the silly jokes he made. The hours we sat chatting and laughing .
Not only have I lost my amazing Dad
I have lost a massive part of my day to day life.
I’m so lonely without him.

How do you move on from such a loss ?? I know life has to go on but when they were a big part of your life how do you fill that gap. I am an older mum at 51 my boys are still young so my life is busy but who do u turn to when you need a problem solving as that what dad’s do no matter what their age. In a awkward way it’s comforting to know that there is other people going through the same loss as I am. My heart goes out to you. Your dad sounded a wonderful man like my dad. I guess as people say we have our memories but I would much rather have my dad. X