My dear Dad

Hi there
I’ve just found this community. My Dad is currently on end of life driver at home and I don’t know how long he has left. I’ve cared for him the last 4 and a half years since my Mum died. He’s had mixed dementia so I’ve been grieving the man he was for awhile but I’m still not prepared for this heartbreak. I’m been lucky he does still know who I am, Dad is 94 and has been my rock and we are inseparable. Now I’m faced with life with out him and I don’t know what to do. I don’t have siblings or children so it’s going to be a big void. I am fearful of the grief I’m going to feel. Not sure anyone can help just wanted to off load Thank you for reading this


@Jules007 hi, just had to reach out. Sorry you’re about to embark on this journey. To be honest, you don’t know how you’ll be until it actually happens. My Dad was ill in hospital for almost 6 weeks before he died in March. I still can’t believe he’s really gone. I take things day by day & over the last 9 weeks I’ve been thru a roller coaster of emotions. Appreciate the time you have, however short to say the things you want, that’s one regret I have because I honestly thought he’d come home. Take care. X

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@Jules007 hey, im going through a similar situation, my dads at home hospice stage, weve been given days for him, but that was 3 weeks ago, we just dont know and try too take each day as is it happens, i feel so much for you, because i know this is the hardest thing ive ever had to deal with, my dads lost all his functions now, and is pretty much sleeping 23 hours of the day. Its just a roller coaster of emotions isint it?

Feel free to talk to me anytime you need to.

Sending so much love

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