My Dream. (Poem)

I had a dream of you my love, you stood there by my side.
It was not true you’d gone away, you really had not died.

We talked again of younger days, when love was fresh and new.
I told you of my deepest thoughts, how I’d keep my love for you.

Hand in hand we walked again, as we had so many times before.
Again, I kissed your soft sweet lips, and held you close once more.

We made the heartfelt promise, we would love each other eternally,
and always keep each other’s hearts and souls, forever it would be.

We promised we would marry, and together spend our life.
A world just filled with happiness, my sweet and loving wife.

But it only was a dream my love, and dreams fade out of sight.
I’ll pray again for day to end, so I may dream of you tonight


Dear @TonyM

Thank you for sharing the beautiful poem.

Take care.


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What a lovely poem.
Thank you for sharing.

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I also had a dream where I met this wonderful man he hugged me and when I looked at his face it was my loving husband, it made me so happy when I woke I realised the love so strong it’s there for eternity. Hope I dream of him again, my night in shining armour.

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What a lovely poem, Tony.

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Beautiful poem thank you for sharing x

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Absolutely lovely poem, it brought tears to my eyes :cry:


This poem made me cry because it sums up how I feel about my partner. We had plans to marry but never quite got there…we had time, after all. Then he has a heart attack, and the delay (not the ambulance team’s fault…they couldn’t get through a security gate) meant we lost him. I am left with a bit of him in his handicapped adult son and my memories. But I did find his voice on a video he recorded of me doing a workout. My sleep pattern varies from snatches if an hour or two to six or seven hours, but at all times my head is filled with Tom. My days can be busy, my nights are more of a struggle. I just know that I can’t go until his son is safe and secure

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A beautiful poem thank you for sharing.