My feelings

I have been quite due to it being a year on the 15th of May since my Mother passed away from Cancer and her Birthday would have been on the 22nd of May. I have not been up country to visit my Dad or Sisters and Brother due to the lockdowns we had in place. I know this is needed for the pandemic my sister phoned me and she was crying on my Mother’s Birthday we were all up set. I am hopefully going to be able to go up and visit them in later in June. I am waiting to hear what the government say later.

Dear Maggie, it’s hard enough at the best of times, but this pandemic has made it far far worse, I do hope you will be able to visit your relatives later this month, you can then support each other together, sending love Jude xx

Thank you Julie, I did manage to travel up and see My sisters and Brother and we all went out for a meal and had a good talk about memories when we were growing up and this did help :neutral_face:

Sorry I have predictive text and it changed to Julie. I did originally type in , Jude.

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