My first entry

I came across the community forum by chance and wanted to see if I was the only one feeling like I am I am 58 years old

I lost my adorable husband Andrew after 27 years 4 weeks ago and I feel so utterly lost and broken. Andrew had always been relatively healthy until around 7 weeks ago when he we developed a viral infection and then 10 days later was admitted with hyoercalcaemia and whilst in hospital things went horribly wrong and he acquired uro sepsis

I was able to get Andrew admitted to our local hospice where he was so cared for and feel blessed that I was able to stay with him right to the end where he was peaceful and thought I would be prepared when he passed but I clearly wasn’t

Andrew was my soul mate my strength and I feel I have only got through the last 4 weeks due to my family and work colleagues and don’t feel much motivation and just trying to get through one day at a time

It seems Andrew had an incline something was wrong and had already spoken to our daughter and asked her to make sure if anything happened that she would make sure I would be ok and regain some happiness and to go back to work where I have a superb network of friends and colleagues and I was to remember to have holidays as that had been our life

I just can’t imagine being happy without him


So sorry for your loss.
Best we can do is day at a time in hope we manage to adapt to new reality at some point


@Maisie19 sorry for your loss. I’m 6 months on this journey and it does get easier. I hope this brings you some hope as it’s difficult to imagine at the beginning. I have better days now and the grief isn’t so all consuming. I would have been married 35 years next week. This community has been a great help. Take care.


It’s very reassuring when you say it get easier, it’s impossible to imagine this just now, thank you for your hopeful words


Sorry for your loss . You are very welcome to come here for your terrible loss . There are no ways to explain the pain I feel too . It’s five months and the world seems a different place without his loving embrace. Take small steps to get through this . The grief comes like waves . A virtual hug to you