My first post here

I’m Jo I’m 29 years old I lost my partner in December. He was my soul mate we spent everyday together. We were together for around 8 years.
He liked his beer and we were in and out of hospital appointments every week or so but they all said the same thing which was to stop! He did manage this for a few days but slowly went back to the same old ways. His immune system was slowly getting weaker.
Then in November last year we both caught covid I was fine and recovered him on the other hand just got worse and ended up in intensive care. The last time I saw him they were taking him to hospital he was there and I was at home still testing positive unable to go see him. His body gave up on him it couldn’t take it anymore. And it has left me heartbroken.

I’m struggling to find my normal again I cant seem to out my finger on what to so or how to do it. And I’m really struggling to talk to my family and friends about how im feeling too!



So sorry to hear about your partner. Such a young person to lose someone so close. It’s heartbreaking.

Am 37 and lost my partner of 18 years back in Feb and struggle every day.

There is no right or wrong to how you should be feeling.

Please reach out to get some support maybe from your GP.

Take care x


Oh im so sorry for your loss. Yeah it really is a struggle every single day and it never seems any better.

Yeah I have been to the doctor and been sent to the cruise team to help me talk about everything.

Yes you too x


Hey Jo, it really does suck… Life can be soo bloody cruel and for you at such a young age losing your loved one so soon… When you read others on here that have had 15yrs together 30yrs together 50yrs together that’s what we all wanted when we first fell in love, to grow old and be that couple of dodgy old folk holding hands sat on the beach telling each other how much we love them.
Sadly instead we find ourselves in a chat room full of strangers all crying out for advice, for direction, just to be heard and not alone.
Well you’re not alone no matter how low and how depressed you feel because there are hundreds of people here feeling what you do and together it’s just possible you can get through them dark days of wishing you were dead too.
I believe we all die when we lose them, we’re not the same our tolerance changes for sure, the bullshit people moan about seems so pointless and trivial and you do lose alot of people you once valued in your life.
But life does go on, certainly not as it did before… Things taste different, places, music nothing is as it once was…
But overtime and with a little luck of having the right people by your side, just maybe you can live again.
I wish you all the luck and strength of moving forward and surviving it certainly won’t be easy but just remember to reach out, put into words how you feel, cry your bloody eyes out let it all out.
You take care Jo x


Everything you said is so true. I am one of the lucky ones we were married 50years. Although my husband died the month after our anniversary I just hoped he would make it. He was so ill at the end. He was ill three years and used to say “we will never be that old couple holding hands” we wanted to live until we were ninety not 69.also lucky we loved each other so much, it’s hard being left.


Hi Jo,I’m so sorry you have lost your lovely partner at such a young age, life really can be so unfair.
I lost my partner in November 2021 very suddenly and unexpectedly, he went our jogging and collapsed and died, he was 59.
Like you, we spent every minute we could together and only got 5 years, I feel so heartbroken and completely lost,
I wish I could give you some advice as to how to carry on, the only way I have done it is by taking each day as it comes, I know that Pete would want me to carry on as we had discussed what we would do, never ever thinking it would happen.
I have had counselling with Cruise which has helped a bit and also found this forum has helped.
People on here really do understand how you feel and we are all here to try to help each other.
Take care of yourself.


Hi jo

I’m so so sorry for your loss . It’s all so horrendous eh . I can relate to not being able to talk to family or friends after everything they all go back to their lives and your left with trying to come to terms with it all .
. It’s 15 months since the love of my life passed away and I’m still struggling. It’s a minute by minute hour by hour day by day situation whatever you can manage . It’s like half of you is missing every day .
I do hope you can keep posting on here as we are all suffering in the worst possible way together.

Take care hugs to you x