My grief journey.

It is nearly 4 months since my wife died suddenly and unexpectedly at home with me, she callapsed with little warning into my arms, I tried CPR untill the ambulance came but died later in hospital, luckily I am getting counciling for trauma and bereavement, it is still early days for me but I have the support of a wonderful daughter, family and special friends, like some many of us on here I have my good days and bad, greif is not a liniar process, it seems to come in waves and sometimes I feel like I am going backwards. The loneliness is one of the hardest things but I have now started to join different groups just to get out amongst people, it is hard to do but the alternative is to be consumed by grief. I will never ever forget her, she will always be part of me, life will never be the same, but I am hoping in time that in time the pain of losing her will ease. There is hope for us all but I think bereavement had to run it’s course as painful as it is. Best wishes to you all.


Hi Lydian
What sort of groups have you joined ? I am 61 and left work in 2019 to look after my husband. He died In sept, most of my friends are still working so struggling a bit with finding things to do and the loneliness is hard to deal with at times xx

I joined the u3a, it is it a nation wide organisation, look on line you will probably have a local u3a near you.

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Hi Lydian. What do they do at the u3a. I’m feel scared to even try x

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They have interest groups you can join, like, painting, history, line dancing and many more there will be something that will interest you, you are allowed to go to a few group sessions to see if you like it before you decide there is small yearly fee of about £ 15, and a small entrance fee of a couple of pounds for each group, each group will have a co-ordinator who you can email or phone for more information. U3a is for older people and there may be a lower age limit. Don’t be afraid Nel about taking the first step, I was the same as you but now I look forward to
Best of luck.

I am 59. Do you think they will let me join x

I would think so, have a word with one of the group coordinators in your area, what area are you in.

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